Lorna Tolentino Sexy Filipina Actress

Victoria Lorna Aluquin-Fernandez, better known as Lorna Tolentino (sometimes known as L.T., an abbreviation of her screen name), is a Filipina actress, host, executive producer and widow of actor Rudy Fernandez. Together, they bore two sons named Ralph and Renz.

She was born on December 23, 1961 in Concepcion, Tarlac and later moved to Manila. She is also the stepmother of actor Mark Anthony Fernandez. She is often called "Grand Slam Actress" by her fans. She started her career in the late 60s (or early 70s) as a child actress. Eventually, she became a most sought-after actress specializing in dramatic roles. She also had her biggest break in Philippine cinema by getting the title role of Divina Gracia. She has won eight film awards and has 20 nominations (mostly for Best Actress in FAMAS). She has a total of at least 60 movies.


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